Secure End-to-End data integration with Ponton X/P and Ponton X/D for international business communities
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Ponton X/P is a Java-based solution for B2B integration compliant with ebXML and other open standards. This set of standards and technologies replaces existing standards such as EDIFACT, which are based on text formats and leased lines, thus often proprietary and expensive. The P2P exchange of documents is the most cost efficient, reliable and safe way to end-to-end integration, resulting in significant savings in the B2B infrastructure for all parties (Total Cost of Collaboration, TCC).

Participants from various industries often find themselves facing the same problem:
"If only I could be sure that technology XYZ, and the format abcML would be accepted throughout my industry. Given that, we would immediately invest in the automatic connection to our business partners. However, we would rather not want to be the first install new software, change our systems and train our people to new processes, if we cannot be guaranteed that our business partners will follow suit."

Ponton has done pioneering work to solve this chicken-and-egg problem, both on the technology and on the business model and licensing side. Ponton offer an industry-wide or supply-chain-based business model, which is characterized by two main advantages:

  • Low initial investment
  • Business case gets more attractive as more participants join

The combination of these two factors, together with improved productivity, reduced risk of miscommunication and transparent exchange of information, all but guarantees a positive Return on Investment in less than 12 months.