Ponton is a software house developing Web portals and B2B integration solutions for international user groups
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    Ponton has been working as a software and IT service company since 2000. Ponton enables the automated exchange of structured data between companies and supports the implementation of portal and business applications for corporate clients.

    Our messaging software Ponton X/P is used by more than 150 corporate clients around the world, most of them Fortune 500 companies. Ponton X/P has been the core product of our business since the founding of our company. Ponton offers an all-round service package:

    • Advising industry consortia to set standards and implement industry-wide B2B integration solutions
    • Developing standard software components for secure and reliable document exchange.
    • Helping to integrate Ponton products into the existing application landscape of clients
    • Training administrators and users of Ponton software at client companies,
    • Providing implementation and operations support & maintenance
    • Designing and developing individual software applications tailored to client needs
    • Implementing individual B2B portal systems for consortia and individual customers.

    Ponton uses up-to-date, efficient and agile software development methodologies, which are geared towards customer requirements in order to deliver the right solution in time, in quality, and in budget.

    Ponton is a partner of Coremedia, a provider of high-end content management systems (CMS). Ponton is at home in the world of open source components, and proficient with databases such as Oracle, MS SQL Server and MySQL. For individual solutions, we always select the technology that benefits the client the most.