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Ponton goes Blockchain

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The blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize industrial processes: today tons of data are moved between data silos in many industries every day. These processes are often mission-crritical and cost intensive. This applies to the energy sector and to many other businesses.

As a B2B integration expert, Ponton can help implement such processes in a completely different way leading to more real-time, more availability, and more transparency. A typical transparency side-effect is the possibility to integrate additional sector participants such as statistics agencies and regulators. The blockchain service is, at its core, the possibility to register and store transactions in a distributed database and in an immutable form.

Ponton is convinced that industrial B2B processes can be dramatically improved towards higher reliability, higher performance and better traceability. This, however, requires a transformation of processes, interfaces, and applications that a single participant cannot impose on a whole sector.

This blockchain transformation can only be achieved by forming consortia and by strict standardisation of communication and coordination means. This is exactly Pontons experience over the past 15 years: We support industry consortia in agreeing, standardising and implementing sector-wide B2B processes.

For Ponton, the blockchain has not only technologically high potential for the future but it is also a challenge to jointly achieve the transition to a higher level of collaboration. This can only be achieved if all parties work together.

Michael Merz has written a book chapter on the topic "Potential Usage of the Blockchain in energy Trading". Moreover, Ponton develops a Peer-to-Peer Trading Screen based on blockchain technology.