Ponton is a software house developing Web portals and B2B integration solutions for international user groups
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How do we live?

PONTON was founded back in 2001 and we grew organically since then. In other words, we avoid unhealthy growth and only hire new staff when we a re sure that new business is sustainable. Today, we are 40 colleagues - many already for more than 10 years. So we develop our organisation together and we are looking forward for the first offspring to start at PONTON in maybe 10 years :-).

As we are located in a beautiful location of Hamburg, called Winterhude, we enjoy live next to our work: BBQs on our office terrace, the infrastructure of the local environment (restaurants and shops, paddling on channels around the Alster lake, shower in the office for runners). A year ago, we designed our new office that offers various possibilities for meetings and breakouts, a masseur visits us twice a week since the beginning to make office life more comfortable, and we organise supplies for coffee, tea, fruits, and snacks.

Here are some impressions of what we do in the office and outside:


PONTON under water...


House warming party with famous band "Peak Load" in our new office, April 2014


EFETnet User Meeting, Amsterdam, June 2015


Marathon, April 2014 - OK, OK: relay marathon :-)