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Ponton Consulting renamed to PONTON

When we founded our company in 2001, the focus of our work was consulting and individual projects on one hand, and B2B messaging using our product Ponton X/P on the other. Thus the name PONTON Consulting GmbH fit quite nicely, as in both areas consulting was an important part of the service provided. In the past 12 years, our company has evolved: PONTON has become a product company built around the automation of sector-wide data exchange, in short B2B. In particular, we are at home in European wholesale electricity and gas trading, where our clients already know us today simply as PONTON.

The term "consulting" from our original brand fits our current work only loosely. While we do provide advice to our customers as specialists in niche areas such as energy market regulation or post-deal execution processes, the focus of our work is elsewhere. Our core activities are the development of B2B software products and the provision of related services. In comparison to consulting, we deliver complete solutions, not just recommendations. In doing so, we focus on those business processes which can be standardized between companies. The name of our company and our branding should be in line with our competence.

Thus on December 1st, 2013 we have dropped the "Consulting" and renamed our company to simply PONTON GmbH. Officially this is spelled with capital letters. If a font has no capital letters, uppercase is OK too. Our motto "We are the two in B2B" is part of the logo. All the URLs of websites and e-mail addresses will be converted to @ponton.de. We can still be reached under the old web and e-mail addresses though. The timing of our rebranding coincides with our move to a new office.

We hope to continue our good cooperation, now under the brand PONTON GmbH.