Ponton is a software house developing Web portals and B2B integration solutions for international user groups
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Our Approach

Ponton is helping groups of client companies to standardize, integrate and automate their business processes with each other. Considering and standardizing all aspects of B2B integration is a prerequisite for realizing the full potential of standard processes:

  • Reduced integration costs,
  • Circumventing communication problems, thus avoiding loss of connectivity and loss of data
  • Short time to connect and integrate two companies
  • Low effort for installation, training and maintenance

To achieve these objectives, multilateral standardization is paramount. Using this approach, one participant has to connect to the network only once, thus reaching all business partners in one step. Otherwise, a multitude of bilateral projects would be needed, which would destroy most business cases for process automation. The B2B integration vision of Ponton was coined the "Yin-Yang-Yong" principle by Michael Merz 10 years ago:

Ponton's input and value-add is:
  • Participating in the standardization of document formats and processes
  • Deploying standard technology such as Ponton X/P for the secure and reliable end-to-end exchange of documents
  • Implementing such projects in an international context
  • Providing long-term support to the participants

B2B integration projects are notoriously difficult, even within one company. Therefore, making such projects a success for whole industries is a challenge. Ponton has shown a number of times, that is has the right people, experience, approach and products to do this right.