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papiNet is a collaborative effort of the paper manufacturing industry and their largest clients in publishing and printing. papiNet implements a common standard for the B2B document exchange along the paper supply chain. This starting point of this cooperation, the definition of a unified process, document and communications standard via the internet, was achieved in 2000 with the help of Ponton.

The papiNet consortium is made up of the world's largest paper producers including UPM-Kymmene, Stora Enso, SCA, and Norske Skog. The paper processors and publishers include companies such as Time Warner, News International, Axel Springer, and other well-known prints and paper logistics, all of them managing their paper supply chain via Ponton products.

Business processes spanning multiple companies are thus integrated on peer-to-peer basis, without the need for a ASP, hub or marketplace operator. The papiNet consortium has set standards for uniform document formats, business processes and communication protocols. This helps to reduce the cost of integration significantly, because a new participant has to implement interfaces and processes only once. The effort to integrate with other participants is drastically reduced.

Ponton has advised the papiNet consortium on the standardization of document formats, processes and protocols. papiNet has also laid the foundation for the development of the software Ponton X/P. Our remit also includes the implementation of roll-outs and ongoing software support for a variety of participants.