Ponton is a software house developing Web portals and B2B integration solutions for international user groups
Welcome to Ponton

Ponton is an innovative software company providing solutions for B2B integration. These solutions consist of portal systems on the Intranet and Internet on the one hand and messaging-based solutions on the other, automating processes across entire business relationship networks.


Since the year 2000, Ponton has been the key enabler of one of the first XML based EDI networks world-wide: The papiNet initiative consists of 60 paper manufacturers, logistics providers, printers and publishers automating processes such as ordering, delivery, and electronic invoicing across the whole supply chain.

Since 2004, more ca. 100 wholesale traders of energy and commodities such as utilities and banks organized in the EFETnet consortium use Ponton built software to automate their trading processes vis-à-vis their countgerparties

Ponton software & services is also being used in other sectors such as health care, logistics and government.


Ponton implements such B2B integration projects using its own software products Ponton X/P for peer-to-peer messaging with true end-to-end-encryption (E2EE) and Ponton X/D for Enterprise Application Integration, both of which are applicable across industries. With these products, Ponton integration know-how is available at attractive rates. The EFET Box is an example of a vertical product for energy and commodities trading, which Ponton developed on behalf of the EFETnet Consortium.


In addition to its product-based offerings, Ponton offers services such as

  • Development & implementation of individual software applications
  • Maintenance and customizing of software products
  • Worldwide product support (24/7)
  • Consultation on the implementation and integration of our products

Ponton combines deep experience in B2B integration across specific industries with the ability to tailor individual solutions. Having long term working relationship with international client consortia is part of the Ponton DNA.